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Summoning The Strength

Summoning The Strength - Stephanie Briggs Summoning the Strength by Stephanie Briggs is the tale of a withered marriage, corrupting selfishness, and the importance of community. Ms. Briggs ties together theme after theme in the story of a woman who takes controversial control over her own life. The damages of domestic abuse rises to the surface as a key theme, played out in the lives of the main character and her community. Community itself keeps Katherine strong throughout her loveless marriage. The beginning of the book, especially, contributes a small-town charm. Glimpses into the lives of passers-by in the story broaden both the themes and the reader's experience.

This book is a prime example of how story can give voice to those we'd never hear otherwise. Ms. Briggs addresses the vital importance of community and the hidden, deadly nature of domestic abuse. A veteran of the U.S. Airforce and a supporter of every woman's strength, Ms. Briggs flavors this important story with her valuable perspective on life.